Carmen Electra Posing Totally Naked During Photoshoot

Carmen Electra sextape

What started as a fancy, sparkly photo shooting in a red corset with stars and boots, in front of a motor bike, ended up being a naked photo- shooting for Carmen Electra, and we got you covered with some pics, knowing that you can’t wait to see this gorgeous woman, glamour model, actress, singer and dancer looking her best in mid forties. Not many women can look so fuckable.

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Carmen Electra Hot Bondage Photoshoot

Carmen Electra nude

Unless you saw photos of Carmen Electra in black fishnets and engaged in a bondage activities, you have not seen real erotic stuff recently! Now, since we think of our loyal readers, we have made a gallery of highlight for everyone not to miss out on this amazing work of art, in every sense. That ass close- up is making it hard, very hard to think clearly now, right?

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Carmen Electra Nude And Sexy Photos

Carmen Electra Nude

If you don’t know who Carmen Electra is then you must have been living on another planet and recently moved to Earth. This hottie was over a decade of modeling and acting experience and has appeared nude in front of her camera numerous times. However, this time it is special since she is posing for the royalty among male publications, Playboy magazine. The hot brunette stripped naked and had their bunny logo painted across her tits and pussy.

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Carmen Electra SEX-TAPES

There’s nothing that actress, model and singer Carmen Electra hasn’t done once you count this sex-tape. In a lesbian one on one, with a babe as hot as herself, she started a homemade make out wearing fancy lingerie. These sensual beauties took it slow, but kept it mostly PG13. Nonetheless, this celebrity sex video is one for the spank bank and porn treasure trove.

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